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Comfort Plan – $35 per  Month

I know what you are thinking… do I really need to be on a maintenance plan for my website? What are the benefits? Is it worth the cost?

A website is never truly complete, and must be tendered too on an ongoing basis. The biggest benefit is the peace of mind from knowing your website is being protected, updated, and is looking great. The plan includes the basics such as important updates, security monitoring, and backups; through to content changes and optimisation. It is a huge time saver for many. Yes, you could do the work yourself, however it may take you a few hours of your valuable time, and for inferior results. Unless you are actively working on your site and have strong technical ability, then you are going to benefit from being on our comfort plan. Having WP Rocket on your site alone is worth the cost of the comfort plan. 

I have priced this plan at a very affordable rate, and as low a price as you will see anywhere on the market. I understand that many of my clients have small businesses and can’t justify high IT costs, so I have come up with an feature rich plan at a great price.  .

What’s Included

Keep your WordPress site in tip top shape.

Plugin and Theme Updates

Your site is kept up to date with plugin, theme, and core updates.

Automatic Cloud Backups

Site is backed up monthly and when large changes are made. All backups are stored in the cloud.


All hosting plans feature server level security. However, we still keep an eye on everything, and if anything fishy is going on, we act. 

Ongoing Checks

Updates, or lack of updates, among other things, can cause display issues on the frontend. These will be checked for and corrected. Website speed and contact forms are also checked periodically. 

WP Rocket Included

WP Rocket is the #1 WordPress Caching Plugin – simply put it is the best tool available for speeding up your website. It is a premium (paid) plugin, but everyone on my comfort plan will get WP Rocket on their website for free.

Minor Content Changes

Need a few photos added, or some text changed? Up to 30 minutes of design work is included each month at no additional charge.

Time To Make This Happen?


Get In Touch

Please get in touch if you are looking for a new website, rebuild, or changes to your existing site. I also offer comprehensive web hosting and an ongoing maintenance plan.